2015.10.22 The sign up of DARTSLIVE SUPER LEAGUE Season 4 will open on November 2nd, 2015!

Schedule of SUPER LEAGUE Season 4
Sign up period: Nov 2nd, 2015 - Dec 6th, 2015
League period: Jan 3rd - Apr 15th, 2015
Fiesta (League Final) : May 4th - 5th, 2015 @ Westgate Casino & Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
*sign up date and event details for Fiesta will be announced soon.

Check out the details here:

ARE YOU READY?! SUPER LEAGUE Season 4 is about to begin!
We are now announcing the schedule for SUPER LEAGUE Season 4!!

Sign Ups Begin: November 2, 2015
Sign Ups Close: December 6, 2015

SUPER LEAGUE Season 4 starts: January 3, 2016
Season Ends: April 15, 2016

SUPER LEAGUE Season 4 Fiesta (League Finals) will be held May 3rd and 4th, 2016 at the Westgate Casino and Resort in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is a new soft tip darts league concept here in North America. Teams consist of 4 or more people of different ratings ranging from beginner to pro players. These players must work together to achieve the ultimate goal... which is to win the S2, S3 or S4 division and be the best team in North America!
(*Information on team building coming soon)

Come and be part of the excitement! Join SUPER LEAGUE!

Contact your local operator or DARTSLIVE location for more details.
More information for SUPER LEAGUE will be released soon, so stay tuned for the updates!!
2015.03.23 【Release information】Wins and losses of games become easier to follow.
Wins and losses of games that appeared during the match become easier to follow.
You can also check them during the game now.

2013.01.25 【Important】To All League Participants,

≪Some DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE web page functions will be updated on Monday, January 28≫
DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE website will be integrated into the DARTSLIVE CARD Page.
"LEAGUE" icon will appear in the TOP of the DARTSLIVE CARD Page.
Please access the league information website from this icon.

* Please note that you will not be able to access the DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE site from January 28th. If you had bookmarked the current DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE site URL, please re-bookmark the new website after on Monday, January 28.
* If the “LEAGUE” icon does not appear, please check the “Country/Region” setting of your DARTSLIVE CARD Page. If you have selected the country or region where DARTSLIVE League is not currently held, the “LEAGUE” icon does not show up.

How to view “Country/ Region Setting” of your DARTSLIVE CARD Page:
DARTSLIVE CARD Page TOP⇒【Settings】⇒【Member Settings】⇒【Country/Region】

≪League e-mail addresses will be unified into the DARTSLIVE e-mail address.≫
Please be advised that if your league e-mail addresses differ from the one registered for the DARTSLIVE CARD Page, “DARTSLIVE CARD Email Address” will override the league email addresses.

How to view your DARTSLIVE CARD Page email address:
DARTLIVE CARD Page TOP⇒【Settings】⇒【Member Settings】⇒【Email Address】
2012.05.14 SUPER LEAGUE Beta Test, GAME ON!